About Us

Your hosts during your stay on Montserrat are the Lea family. The Leas chose to make Montserrat their home in the early 1980’s.

During your stay you will be hosted by David and Clover, and their youngest son Noah, who’s sure to greet you with a hug.

David is a videographer, (among many other things,) and has documented the volcanic eruption in Montserrat. He has two educational videos: one for school children and one for university students, plus several documentaries that capture how the volcano has affected the thousands of people in Montserrat. To see more about the video series he has created check out Price of Paradise . If you do not find David at Gingerbread Hill in the mornings, he will greet you at the Hilltop Coffee House, a non-profit community centre that he and Clover opened in 2012. It’s an easy walk up the ridge, just a few minutes away.

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Clover is a wife, mother, musician, poet, writer, and artist. She makes the Pure&Simple soap you’ll find at Gingerbread Hill, as well as many other small gift items you may want to bring home for yourself or loved ones. You can check out her poetry book, and other treasures at Hilltop Coffee House.DSC_0463

Noah will keep you entertained with his impromptu tours of the property, singing and dancing. He is the best hugger we know. He is also known as the boy with many funny faces and is absolute wiz on Play Station 2 and Wii.

The family of five is now spread out and has added two daughters- in- love.2013 family pick

Their musician son, known around these parts as “Sunny”,  and his wife, Kristina, live on Montserrat with their three children and offer great island tours. You can check out and book a tour with them here at Montserrat Island Tours


Jesse is a pilot living with his beautiful wife, Elise, in the States. Elise is a talented artist and quilt maker.