Gingerbread Hill’s accommodations are located on three acres at 500 feet above sea level, with a 360 view of mountains and Caribbean Sea. The Leas arrived in Montserrat in 1980, and have been developing this property for over 25 years. Unable to ever “keep a good thing to themselves,” they are pleased to shareproaerialnorth this very special island paradise that they feel so blessed to call their home. You will come as a guest and leave as a family friend! And you’ll take with you many Emerald Island blessings as memories to last forever.

As many know, Montserrat’s volcano awakened on July 18, 1995, to become one of the most active volcanoes in the world. But fairly early on in the eruption, the northern third of the island was deemed totally safe by the worldwide vulcanological community. After years of a very dramatic, ongoing volcanic siege that has changed almost all aspects of life on Montserrat, the last few years have been the quietest volcanic period since its  first rumblings 20 years ago.  The local community, much smaller than before, has forged ahead, and hopes the mountain will soon be officially declared  “asleep!” Learn more at www.priceofparadise.com.

This is an opportunity to visit and see for yourself what has taken place here. It is truly an amazing island! Montserrat has always been special in ways that could be described as …friendly, serene, beautiful, remote, lush, tropical, relaxing and refreshing… All these words still do paint a true picture of this

“Emerald Isle of the Cariothervolcanobbean.” But just as the volcano has erased much of what was known as Montserrat, it has added some new adjectives to the list: “…Stunning, dramatic, unbelievable, sobering, haunting, humbling, amazing, eerie, powerful, awesome, majestic…” just scratch the surface. Montserrat is truly a land of striking contrasts: from the lunar-like landscape of the volcano, itself, with the surrounding buried areas of the Exclusion Zone in the south to the lush, verdant rain forests and elfin forests of the Centre Hills to the sparkling, cliff-flanked beaches with their deep, clear, blue waters along the coast to the arid highlands of the Silver Hills in the north…it is such a small island…with so much to see and experience! Such a creatively inspiring treat for photographers, film makers, writers, musicians, and artists of all kinds! It is a little world unto itself that will change your worldly paradigm. Lost in time, in some ways, yet impressively up to date in others. There still exists a remnant of the kindness and a winsomely innocent wisdom that echoes generations gone, even while social and other media encroach with inevitability. The mountains, the watershed, the national forest are protected from development.The rain falls. The fruit ripens. The waves lap along the coast. And the stars, with no city lights to hinder them, shine stunningly from the heavens above. Come see for yourself! Come to Gingerbread Hill!