Heavenly Suite


Our “Heavenly Suite” sits on top of Gingerbread Hill, with a spectacular 360 degree view of rain forest, mountains, the big,  blue sea below, and the brilliant stars above…THE best view on the island!It is, according to our guests, very aptly named and a truly magical haven. (We thought of calling it the Sweet Suite or the Heavenly Haven, and ended up with a marriage of the two. 😉 ) Fully equipped kitchen and lovely living room that opens onto the first verandah for dining. Climb the fairy lit spiral stairway up to a second star gazing gallery! Both verandahs completely private. A perfectly complete apartment for the price of a hotel room! Extremely popular for honeymoons, anniversaries, and HAM radio operators…(advice to HAM husbands: best not to mix the two!)  TV/WiFi. Newly Renovated! New swimming pool now on property! $us125 per night plus 7% government tax.