Hilltop Coffee House


The Hilltop Coffee House and Family Centre is our newest venture! It’ s just a short walk up thepath from Gingerbread Hill. It’s a non-profit establishment that we opened in 2012, with a desire to hopefully be a blessing to the community and visitors alike. It’s unique in that it’s kind of a one-stop place with a little something for everyone. At the Hilltop, you’ll find:

  • great coffee – from espresso to frappuccino and everything in between
  • large variety of lovely teas
  • pastries for your sweet tooth (double dark chocolate/chocolate chip brownies, ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls, apple turn-overs, muffins,etc…) 
  • savoury Mexican pie for lunch
  • a variety of tropical juices
  • pure frozen fruit ice cream that is guilt-free: dairy-less, sugarless and made on the spot for you!
  • wifi
  • an Art Gallery Wall with the work of local artists
  • hand-made jewelry, crafts, gifts and souvenirs, including DVDs, CDs, post cards, photos and books
  • special  displays on walls and tables, including Air Studio, Arrow, volcanic displays and memorabilia from the way things used to be before the volcano awakened
  • multi media platform and set-up for classes, conferences, meetings, events
  • flat screen for films, webinars etc…
  • table tennis, chess and many other games
  • small resource library
  • tables and chairs on verandah with a sea view and comfortable seating inside        

looking out from the verandah

guilt-free dairy-less, sugarless, pure fruit ice cream!

home made cinnamon rolls and double dark chocolate chip brownies

a short walk up the ridge from Gingerbread Hill

Waffle morning...yum!